How many IITs are in India?

What is IIT?

How many IITs are in India

Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are publically autonomous institute for higher education in India. In India IITs are the top college for Engineering. This is the reason why every student wants to do Engineering from IITs. It has great equipment for training students. IITs guarantee for a good Job and bright future. In India various of place IIT institute are present.

How Many IIT in India?

  • IIT Madras, Est 1959 - NIRF Rank 1
  • IIT Delhi, Est 1963 - NIRF Rank 2
  • IIT Bombay, Est 1958 - NIRF Rank 3
  • IIT Kharagpur, Est 1951 - NIRF Rank 4
  • IIT Kanpur, Est 1959 - NIRF Rank 5
  • IIT Roorkee, Est 2001 - NIRF Rank 6
  • IIT Guwahati, Est 1994 - NIRF Rank 7
  • IIT Hyderabad, Est 2008 - NIRF Rank 8
  • IIT (BHU) Varanasi , Est 2008 - NIRf Rank 11
  • IIT Indore, Est 2009 - NIRF Rank 13
  • IIT Dhanbad, Est 1926 - NIRF Rank 15
  • IIT Bhubaneswar, Est 2008 - NIRF Rank 17
  • IIT Mandi, Est 2009 - NIRF Rank 20
  • IIT Patna, Est 2008 - NIRF Rank 22
  • IIT Gandhinagar, Est 2008 - NIRF Rank 24
  • IIT Ropar, Est 2008 - NIRF Rank 29
  • IIT Jodhpur, Est 2008 - NIRF Rank 54
  • IIT Tirupati, Est 2015
  • IIT Bhilai, Est 2016 
  • IIT Goa, Est 2016 
  • IIT Jammu, Est 2016 
  • IIT Dharwad, Est 2016
  • IIT Palakkad, Est 2015

How many courses are offered in IIT?

IIT provide Graduate, Post Graduate and PhD courses. In this we talk about Graduate Engineering Courses(B.Tech Courses). In B.Tech various of branches are avialable with specialization. You have to choose one. The branches of B.Tech are:-
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Science Engineering and many more...
For Admission in IIT you have to clear common test which is IIT-JEE Exam.

What is IIT-JEE Exam?

   JEE Exam has two stage i.e
  1. JEE-Main Exam
  2. JEE-Advanced Exam
JEE-Main exam is the first stage for JEE exam. You have to clear this exam for admission in NIIT, IIIT and many more college of Engineering. If you want to go in IIT college then you have to clear JEE-Main exam and then you have to clear JEE-Advanced exam.

JEE-Main Exam Pattern?

If you are preparing for JEE-Main exam then firest you have to know about the pattern of exam. JEE-Main exam conduct two paper i.e Paper-1 and Paper-2. Paper-1 for Engineering courses and Paper-2 is for Architeture courses.
In this we are discuss about Paper-1. The time duration for Paper-1 is 3 hr and you have 90 question to solve and it divided in equal weightage for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and for each subject 30 Question if you correct the answer then you get +4 Marks and if you give the wrong answer then you get -1 Marks.
In Paper-1 question are based upon 11th & 12th class and JEE-Main exam is online based exam.

JEE-Advanced Exam

JEE-Advanced exam is the second exam of JEE-Paper. The student who qualified JEE-Main exam are eligible to give the second stage of JEE-Exam which is JEE-Advanced exam. This exam is specifically conducted for admission in IIT or other Govermental Institution like IISC, Bangalore and IISER.
The syllabus for JEE-Advanced exam is very vast. The exam pattern change every year.

JEE-Advanced exam also conduct two Paper i.e Paper-1 and Paper-2. Every student have to give both of the paper and JEE-Advanced exam is online based exam only it never conduct offline.
MCQ(both single correct & multiple)matrix match type, Assertion-reason, Comprehension, Single digit integer answer type question are asked in JEE-Advanced exam.

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